My First Bipolar Diet Blog Post 

So, here we are.

When I originally came up with the idea of The Bipolar Diet Blog I had some awesome & funny ideas to start of with, to entice you to read further, but now, sat here, I cannot remember one thing I thought about earlier today as I made my first morning coffee.

Maybe a good place to start is what I intend to do with The Bipolar Diet Blog;

Please be aware that this is not a diet per se but a way of life that I intend to create for myself. I am not asking you to join me, nor am I going to ram dieting tips down your neck, but I will tell you about the choices I am trying to make and break in my life.

My Bipolar Diet Blog is a lifestyle and I will try to be brutally honest with you all – I need to be to stop tripping myself up and feeling guilty about food choices.

You see, several years I was diagnosed with Bipolar and most recently OCD. For years I have strugggled and yo-yo dieted. Things need to change and, after a bad week, I was thinking about joining Slimming World again. But, for me, I know, this will not be a wise choice. Now, I am in no way against Slimming World and have many friends who have been successful and kept their weight off.

I lost weight with Slimming World but, due to my own issues, put all the weight back on, and some more.

Ok, a lot more.

I suppose the signs that slimming clubs weren’t for me was back when every week, after being weighed, I would have a huge pig out. And boy, I mean huge. I was probably quite a disgusting sight – I know that I always felt it at the end of the night and I’d often swear never again. But then by the next week I’d gone without so much that I literally couldn’t help myself.

I need to do this with realistic aims for myself – what works for one does not necessarily work for another.

So, let’s set the record straight – this isn’t a diet based on food – it’s a lifestyle change, which will include hobbies, exercise & activities to help my mental health as well as eating for a better quality of life. Although I am not going back to ‘dieting’, I am trying to lose weight.

I am overweight. Well actually, I am now in the ‘Obese’ section, so yes, for my health I NEED to shed the excess weight I have gained from both medication and overeating/comfort eating/binging.

I had, with some success, been tracking my calories (and until this week it was going well) with a mobile phone app, but I hadn’t obsessed about having to stick to it, like I had done previously and then tried to make up for whatever I’d done by being even stricter. This time, if I went over my daily allowance I just accepted it  – which is a positive sign that I am learning to do this PROPERLY along with exercise.

I’ve always been quite an active person but there are two warning signs I need to look out for in exercise due to my bipolar.

  1. In a manic episode I tend to over-exercise so I have to keep a close eye on how much I am doing so not over exert myself but, at the moment I’m good. In the past I have missed periods because of over exercising.
  2. In a depressive episode I will not exercise – I generally need to do some exercise every day for my general well being. Don’t worry I do give my body rest days but I have to take note of my mood fluctuations too.

My usual exercise routine

  • I walk the dog around 4/5 times a week (my partner does the other days)
  • I aim to get to the gym 3/4 times a week and do a mixture of both cardio and weights. I have only recently added weights to my routine after always wanting to ‘lose weight’ first, but I can honestly say that within a week of lifting weights I felt a lot better and could feel change.

My exercise routine can, quite honestly, change for the worse. For example, this week, I haven’t been to the gym at all. I have hardly walked the dog either and, I’ve just eaten crap all week. It may be a lame excuse but I’ve been extremely tired and am gradually coming off my mood stabilising medication. One of the many symptoms is muscle aches and tiredness – I literally feel like I’ve done several HITT sessions at the gym even though I’ve not done a thing.

I daren’t step onto the scales because I know I’ll be disheartened with the huge amount I will have put back on – so I am not going let the scales demoralise me. Yes, it’s been a bad week – BUT THIS DOESN’T HAVE TO CONTINUE.

In just writing this I am feeling better. My mood is lifting immensely and, in the words of REM, ‘I feel fine.’

This is my journey, this is my life.

5 thoughts on “My First Bipolar Diet Blog Post 

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this – you absolutely spoke to my soul! Last year I was diagnosed with Bipolar 2 and Borderline Personality. I’ve struggled practically every day trying to establish routines that work for me…and I’m not yet there.

    Congratulations on your progress and for realising your triggers. What you have done creating this blog is amazing – not just for yourself but for those of us that share a similar journey to yours.

    You got this!

    Michelle x

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    1. Thank you so much for your words – they mean so much to me. I still struggle with routines and what does and doesn’t work but I feel I am slowly getting there. I hope you’re ok.


  2. Hi thank u so much for this I can relate I suffer with low mood everyday I live with 2 heads can’t make decisions and get myself in such a pickle I hate myself what I look like and constantly trying to change who I am can you help me in anyway ? Xx loved reading your post xx

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    1. Thanks for the feedback on my first post. I also suffer with the inability to make decisions – I think it is worse because other people can’t understand how disabling this is. Have you tried reading up about CBT? I will try to write a future post about my experience and will also research some links to add to the specific post.


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