Third Weigh In

  Wahey, I’m on a roll – three weeks of weighing myself is such a positive step for me – I’m not obsessing about what I weigh OR about what I eat – although I am sensible and trying to adopt the, ‘everything in moderation’, attitude. I’m also learning that to do this and be […]

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Second Weigh In

Last week I weighed myself for the first time on this blog because I need to change my lifestyle to help my moods. So, in my first weigh in I was 13 stone 5 lbs and yesterday I weighed in at….. 13 stone 3lbs! I know it isn’t a MASSIVE change but it is a […]

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A Weighty Issue

  In my first blog post I talked about how I wanted to make some positive changes in my life regarding eating habits and exercise. Going forward, from today, my aim is weigh in weekly and write an honest account about my eating habits, exercise patterns and mental health for that week. So, today I […]

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Paralysed by OCD

My OCD is killing me today & I just feel unable to cope any longer so I’ve reapplied for CBT.  I feel so paralysed by the intrusive thoughts I’m currently having 24/7. My brain told me today that I should welcome death over this – because then, at least, I would have peace & all […]

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Soap Opera Drama Part Two

  So, last week I posted about the fight or flight response I have to stress, which you can read about here, if you haven’t had the chance to do so already. I want to change the way my brain copes with (or doesn’t cope with as the case may be) troublesome situations and, using […]

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Soap Opera Drama – Part One

This weekend has been extremely hard emotionally but I have fought back and not given in to using food as a source of comfort. On Saturday morning I received some abusive texts – from someone I have never even met. It sent me spiralling out of control, emotionally, because I am not someone who likes […]

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